“This Is Not About Photography….”

There’s is a video that has gone viral of a priest telling off photographers videographers at a wedding. At this point there’s a good possibility that you have seen it already, I’ve seen many comments that include “OMG How could that priest be so disrespectful???” “They are just doing their job…” (where have I heard that before?) and “How awkward for the couple! I would TOTALLY sue!” (sigh, probably posted by a lawyer) and just outright abuse on the priest.

But here’s the thing….

This is TOTALLY the photographers’ fault.

Now I don’t know what came before and what came after so please bear that in mind when you read this.  At the end of the day IT’S A WEDDING, IT’S NOT A PHOTO SHOOT. The marriage ceremony (unless it’s a civil one) is a religious ceremony, as such the Priest/Rabbi/Monk/Spiritual Adviser/Shaman is running things. You need to respect that, whatever religion you personally believe in.

In Barbados I’m lucky to have worked with many officiants of all types, but the first question I always ask at the rehearsal is “Where can I not go?”. I find that this simple question let’s the day go smoother and establishes a level of respect between the officiant and myself. Some have more rules than others but I always respect whatever the “house” rules are. For the minister, It sets me apart from all of the family members with Ipads and cell phones (you know who you are!) that emerge on the day and often we will become partners on the wedding day rather than adversaries.

And as a result the couple get better pictures…

…and no memories like what’s shown on the video.


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