Sometimes You Have To Work For It…..


I actually had to re arrange a whole tray of cake boxes to get this shot, as originally there were the same number of boxes with the light blue ribbon as with the dark ones.

If I still did contact sheets you would see that I took loads of pictures of the tray. Starting with some of the tray as I found it, and then as I started rearranging (“Hey wouldn’t it be cool if we had one light blue one surrounded by dark blues?”) and even more as I developed the shot (“That’s not bad, but what would be REALLY cool is if only the light blue one had Rachel and Simon’s names showing” and then having to turn all the other names down so they wouldn’t be seen) . This was the final shot, which I was quite pleased with. It’s worth the odd looks I was getting as I took the 20th shot of the cake box tray!  🙂

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