The Best Wedding Beaches in Barbados… Crane Beach


Continuing my series of posts on the Best Wedding Beaches in Barbados, today I’m talking about the Crane Beach. The Crane is one of the few beaches on this list that actually has a hotel directly associated with it. (not that I’m anti hotels, it’s just that’s a different set of posts) You don’t have to get married at the Crane to get married at Crane Beach (all beaches are public), but it does help 🙂

The beach itself looks like something out of a movie, it is wide has white sands,  tumbling waves and palm trees. (If it matters to you, it’s where Justin Beiber was filmed when he was on holiday here). However despite the occasional celebrity visitor, it’s still one of the island’s most picturesque beaches. 

The beach can be accessed via elevator to the hotel, or if you are not staying at the Crane it can be accessed by road. 

For some more images from Crane Beach….

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