The Best Beaches For Weddings In Barbados…. Mullins Beach

Mulllins beach is on the islands’ platininum coast, and is a stretch of beach that for the most part runs along the coast in front of some of the most expensive real estate on the island. The waters on most days are crystaline and clear. The beach is wide with white sands. When you think of a postcard picture of a Caribbean beach Mullins comes very close to fitting the bill.

Because the beach is the island’s west coast, the light in the early afternoon tends to be harsh and the heat is quite intense. However as the afternoon wears on the light becomes warm and flattering and the beach offers an ideal location to catch the classic Caribbean sunset shot.

One of the cool things about Barbados is that there are NO private beaches. All beaches (up to the high water mark) are public property. On an island with limited coastline it would be very easy to reach a point where only the owners of mansions and hotels would have access the the beach and everyone else would be shut out. Mullins would be off limits if this rule were not in place.

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