The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – A Simple Question

By finishing this race each of these rowers has done something epic (and not in the overused  way that the word is used today). I asked several rowers the question “Was it what you thought it would be?” Almost always the question was met by a pause and a thoughtful expression,  eventually the answer would quietly come…. “No…. it was much, much harder”. 


When you read the tag line “The World’s Toughest Rowing Race” its very easy to write that off as a bit of clever copy thought up by the marketing department, but after seeing the rowers when they get of the boats you know that it’s the real deal


Clockwise from Top Left: Bertie from the Team Facing The Atlantic comes ashore, Christopher from Team Epoch sits down to the celebratory post race meal, the first time he’s sat in a chair for two months. Richard from Tiger Team talks with people on the dock after arriving after 75 days at sea. Emil from the Sons of Norway team improvised a temporary brace on his wrist during the race.


To find out more about the race go to

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